Custom Size Garage Doors

Are you considering the installation of new garage doors and the standard sizes are not suitable for you? If there’s a need for custom size garage doors, Nepean ON homeowners shouldn’t fret but contact our installation company. We have spent years in the domain of garage door repairs and installations – all services, and are aware that sometimes, standard sizes simply don’t fit. We also know that some customers need to have big doors – bigger than the standard dimensions, some times.

At Nepean Garage Door Repair, we put our experience to work for you. We prioritize your specific needs, giving attention to all things relevant to the project to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Let’s talk about customized garage doors.

In Nepean, custom size garage doors for residential installations

Custom Size Garage Doors Nepean

Buying the correct custom size garage doors for Nepean installations in Ontario takes a message or a phone call to our team. What it takes is accurate measurements. It also takes knowledge and expertise. When we are trusted with such projects, we focus on the garage measurements and also take into account variables, like the climate, the customer’s particular needs, and more. This way, customers get custom garage doors that fit perfectly and are easy to use.

When you turn to us for custom size garage doors, installation specialists come out to check the space, measure, and talk with you. Worry not. Everything is done to perfection from the start. Of course, the widths and heights of garage doors vary to meet all needs. Whether you want double or triple-car doors, you get solutions. You also get choices among materials, hardware, features, designs, and more. And no matter how tall or wide the garage door may be, it’s installed correctly to work smoothly and safely.

You get a perfect garage door size fit and expert installation

We know that people, who search for custom size garage door solutions, have particular requests. After all, not all people decide to get custom made garage doors for the same reasons. While most people need large garage door sizes, like RV sizes, because standard sizes don’t fit, some want particular designs too. In some homes, there’s a need to toss two single garage doors, bring down the column between them, and install one big double or triple-car door.

Despite your specific reasons for wanting to get special garage door sizes, turn to us. Choose our team to get an exact fit without missing out on good insulation and great appearance. And for one more reason: because no matter the garage door’s custom size, the installation is excellently done. Don’t settle for less. Turn to our team. Make an appointment to define what you need in terms of custom size garage doors in Nepean.

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